Gde Sutawijaya

Gde Sutawijaya President Director

Bachelor and Master Degree on Chemistry from Institut Technology Bandung. Experienced on management and people development in chemical Industry.

Rian Prayoga

Rian Prayoga Director of Engineering and Technology

Bachelor on Engineering Physic from Institut Technology Bandung. Experienced on Electrical, Control and Instrumentation project. Develop some of system of Internet of Things (IoT).

Andini Warih Wedaringtyas

Andini Warih Wedaringtyas Director of Finance and Administration

Bachelor on Biology from Institut Technology Bandung. Experienced on Administration and budgeting some project in water & wastewater.

Doni Hernowo

Doni Hernowo Head of Commissioner

Bachelor on Chemical Engineering. Experienced 10 years on Process engineering in water & wastewater project. As consultant And contractor in some of industries such us oil palm industry, textile industry, food processing industry and many more.


Agustanzil Commissioner

Former three periods chairman of the Environment and Safety Committee of the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA-ESC) and Chairman of the Indonesian Society of Environmental Professionals (ISEP/ IPLHI) During his career, he spent 20 years with ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc. and had two years overseas assignment with Mobil North Sea Limited in Aberdeen, UK. Mr. Agustanzil, holds a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering Institute of Technology Bandung, and a master degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.